AMAZING! Rappers Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow Endorse President Trump on Stage at Bronx Rally – Bronx Crowd Erupts (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


President Trump is joined on stage by rappers Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow during his historic Bronx rally.

The Trump appeal is spreading.

On Thursday President Trump held an historic presidential rally in the Bronx, New York.

This was the largest political rally in New York’s bluest borough in years. At least 10,000 and up to 30,000 supporters came out to see President Trump.

During his speech in Cotrona Park, popular rappers Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow joined him on stage. The rappers endorsed Donald Trump for president – during his Bronx rally!

President Trump is making inroads with the country’s top rappers.

President Trump: Here as well is Rapper Sheff G. Does everybody know Sheff? Where is Shefff G? Where is he? Come on up, fellows. Rapper Sleepy Hallow… Come on up here, fellows…. How are you, man? Hey. Oh, I like that. I want to get that done.

Sheff G: One thing I want to say. One thing I want to say, they always going to whisper your accomplishments and shout your failures. Trump going to shout the wins for all of us!

President Trump: Thank you.

Sleepy Hallow: Make America great again.

(Crowd roars!)

President Trump: Thank you, guys. I appreciate you. Thank appreciate it. I appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you very much. That’s what I like, those teeth. I want to find out where you did. I got to get my teeth like that. I want that to happen to me.


Here’s the video – Via Real America’s Voice.

Tickets to New Gen 47 PAC and rapper Waka Flocka Flame’s historic rap concert, where he will perform in furtherance of his endorsement of President Trump’s 2024 campaign, are on sale now.

The June 14 concert, sponsored by The Gateway Pundit, will be held at the NoMi Village in North Miami, Florida at 6:30 pm. Purchase tickets here.

Other New Gen 47 events with A-list entertainers and pro-Trump Hollywood celebrities are expected to be announced soon.

As The Gateway Pundit recently reported, New Gen 47 PAC, founded by LJ Fino, President of First Class Records, and PR consultant Alex Fahmy, has big plans to hold concerts and music events with famous musicians to rally low-propensity, young, and minority voters for Donald Trump and other conservatives in November.

It can be recalled that co-founder LJ Fino had a hand in producing hit #1 songs, such as “Justice for All” featuring Donald Trump and the J6 Choir and Kari Lake’s “81 Million Votes my Ass,” as Mailman Media’s Head of Recorded Music Operations. Fino’s First Class Records label has also produced music by Lara Trump.

Fino told The Gateway Pundit, “NEW GEN 47 is a Hybrid PAC that combines popular culture with politics. We will be focusing on reminding the electorate which Presidential candidate benefits all Americans from all walks of life, and that candidate is President Donald J. Trump.”

New Gen 47’s webpage outlines the failed policies of Biden’s America Last Regime, including the soaring inflation and cost of food, rent, gas, and electricity, as well as the border crisis and the nearly 100% surge in fentanyl-related deaths since Biden took office. The webpage also showcases Joe Biden’s history of racism for swing voters to make an informed decision this November.

Via New Gen 47 on Rumble:

Joe Biden has “no empathy” for young people. Kamala Harris says “they are stupid”.

This election will be TOO BIG TO RIG thanks to Gen Z and Millenials voting for TRUMP on November 5, 2024. We have a country to save!

Join our movement at

Last week, the pro-Trump PAC announced exclusively to The Gateway Pundit that rapper Waka Flocka Flame will hold his performance at their launch event in Miami, Florida on June 14, which also coincides with President Trump’s birthday and Flag Day in the United States.

EXCLUSIVE: New Gen 47 PAC Announces HISTORIC FIRST Pro-Trump Concert in Miami With Rapper Waka Flocka Flame on President Trump’s Birthday – THIS WILL BLOW SOME MINDS

Waka Flocka’s team told The Gateway Pundit that Trump’s unfiltered speech and tough personality “is exactly what made him unique and worthy of leading this country.”

President Trump has also been invited to attend this event. Ticket packages include backstage access and photo opportunities!

You can also support New Gen 47’s mission to turn out otherwise Democratic voters for President Trump here!

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