Connecticut Town Refuses to Honor Trooper Killed in the Line of Duty with Thin Blue Line Flag, Instead, Flys Pride Flag at Half-Mast as “Honor” | The Gateway Pundit


Trooper First Class Aaron Pelletier was killed in the line of duty, but Connecticut town refuses to honor him with Thin Blue Line flag.

While the residents of Wethersfield, Connecticut, grapple with the tragedy of losing Trooper First Class Aaron Pelletier, who was killed in the line of duty, they are also facing obscene disrespect by town leaders.

Democrat Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont directed that state flags be flown at half-mast to honor Pelletier. Wethersfield’s Town Council then weighed whether to also fly the Thin Blue Line flag.

During the discussion, Democratic Councilmember Emily Zambrello said, “That flag was either created or at least became prevalent in direct response to the Black Lives Matter protests. It’s viewed as antagonistic even if you don’t see it that way and I don’t think that’s a good flag to fly, especially not without further discussion.”

Republican Councilmember Brianna Timbro hit back and reminded Zambrello that the Thin Blue Line flag existed long before BLM protests.

The measure failed 5-3 with one abstention.

The council, however, is not opposed to flying flags that not everyone agrees with.  The group already voted to fly a Pride Flag in commemoration of Pride Month.

In making an announcement to those gathered for an event to raise the Pride flag, they were told, “We have great respect for our law enforcement community and I realize the dangerous job they do every day. Out of respect for the tragic death of State Trooper First Class Aaron Pelletier, we won’t be raising the Pride flag today; it is already up on the pole flying at half-staff in honor of his passing.”

The decision did not go over well and people shared their disgust on the town’s Facebook page. 

“They approve a sex flag but deny a police flag honoring a murdered Trooper. Shameful and Disgusting.”

“All of those on the town council who voted no to raise the thin blue line flag to show support for the CSP Trooper that was killed should be ashamed. I’m definitely going to remember this when it comes time to vote. Shameful cowards you are. Weak politicians are exactly why the pos who killed him were free to do so in the first place. What an absolute disgrace of a town.”

‘What disgusting behavior! The people who voted to not fly the blue line flag are hopefully voted out of office. When it comes time to vote, remember this.”

Pelletier died last week while performing a traffic stop on a state highway when a vehicle collided with Pelletier, his squad car, and the vehicle he had pulled over.  He sustained fatal injuries from the crash.

He is survived by his wife and two young children.

The driver, who initially fled from the scene, was arrested.

According to the Connecticut State Police, Alex Oyola-Sanchez, age 44, of Hartford, was charged with manslaughter/motor vehicle, among other charges, and is being held on a $5 million bond.

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