Fortnite’s new post-apocalyptic season has Fallout, Magneto, and vehicular mayhem


Out with the gods, in with… a post-apocalypse. After some teasing, Fortnite just launched its latest battle royale season — we’re up to Chapter 5: Season 3 — and it’s heavily inspired by Mad Max and Fallout (in fact, Fallout is part of it). It’s called “Wrecked,” and it introduces a new wasteland region, a larger focus on vehicular combat, and, for some reason, Magneto.

First up, let’s talk about the island itself. In the game’s fiction, a massive sandstorm rolled in, completely changing the southern section of the map. There are three new locations: a refinery called Redline Rig, a vehicle arena called Nitrodrome, and a beach area called Brutal Beachhead. To go along with them are “Wasteland Warriors,” which are basically this season’s boss characters, with names like The Machinist and Ringmaster Scarr. Also: there are now two War Buses patrolling the island, which players can hijack and take over.

It appears there are two main gameplay updates. One is a substance called Nitro, which you can either drink or use on your vehicle: it’ll make players faster, stronger, and reload quicker, while cars will go faster, consume less gas, and be able to ram with increased power. To go along with this, vehicle mods are back, so you can outfit your car with gun turrets, bulletproof tires, and more. And since Fallout is now part of the Fortnite universe, Nuka-Cola is being added to the game. Drinking it will replenish health and slowly build your shield.

Speaking of Fallout, those who purchase this season’s battle pass will get themselves some T-60 Power Armor, along with other characters, including a sentient pea pod. Starting in July, X-Men’s Magneto will be unlockable as well. Here’s the full crew:

This season will run until August 16th. And it follows a pretty busy period for the game, which included collaborations with everyone from Star Wars to Billie Eilish and Lofi Girl.

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