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Florida’s Byron Donalds is said to be a top contender for President Trump’s VP nomination


On Monday, the Joe Biden and his campaign page, Biden-Harris HQ, published an X post falsely claiming that “Trump did not cap insulin costs, Biden did for seniors through the Inflation Reduction Act.”  Despite Biden-Harris HQ claiming that Trump doing it was a “blatant lie”, they, in fact, were the blatant liars.  John Roberts of FOX News addressed the false Biden campaign claim the following night.

In fact, Joe Biden “froze” the Trump executive order that capped the price of insulin at $35 just two days into office on January 23, 2021.  Numerous fact-checkers twisted around words about whether he cancelled it or froze it, insisting it was a 60-day freeze of the Trump executive order.

Strike 1.

Earlier this week, Biden “shut down” the border.  By shut down, he meant allowing more than 2500 illegals to cross through ports of entry each day, or 900,000 each year (not including the 800-1000 estimated daily to cross between ports of entry), and gave incredible discretion to the now-impeached DHS Secretary Mayorkas as to when it can remain open once the quota has been surpassed.

But in January 2024, the White House published a statement on “Bipartisan Senate Border Security Negotiations” in which he said, “It would give me…a new emergency authority to shut down the border when it becomes overwhelmed.  And if given that authority, I would use it the day I signed the bill into law.”

Biden, in fact, did not need Congress to pass a bill, despite falsely accusing President Trump and the House majority of stonewalling it for “political reasons.”  Speaker Mike Johnson held out on passing the $118 billion “border security” spending bill that included $60.1 billion for Ukraine, $14.1 billion for Israel, and $20.2 billion for the “border” but not so much for the “security.”

Strike 2.

Now the campaign page, apparently run by a serial liar, has done it again.  This time, they attacked Representative Byron Donalds (R-FL) over a sit-down discussion he gave earlier this week.

The shameless campaign account posted, “Trump VP contender Byron Donalds claims life was better for Black Americans “during Jim Crow.”

The selectively-edited clip shows Donalds saying “You see, during Jim Crow, the black family was together.  During Jim Crow, more black people were not just conservative, black people have always been conservative-minded, but more black people voted conservatively.”  I’m sure Donalds, however, would appreciate the admission by the Biden-Harris HQ team that black families being together and voting conservative was a better life for black Americans.  Their words, not his.

Donalds, a firebrand conservative and possible VP consideration, fired back on X stating, “1.  You lied.  I never said better.  2.  Don’t clip my words.  Play the whole thing.  Let me help you.”

Strike 3.  You’re Out!

Donalds joined CNN’s Abby Phillip to respond to the false assertion.  Phillip said that “many Democrats” incorrectly jumped on Donalds for saying black families were “better off” but acknowledged that he never actually said those words.  When asked “what did you mean by black families were more together during Jim Crow?”

Donalds responded,

“Frankly, what this is about the empirical fact that before the Great Society, before Lindon Johnson’s policies, there was more black families united.  The marriage rate in black America was significantly higher before the Great Society, the period of time that coincides with that obviously is the Jim Crow era.  And then after the Great Society, the marriage rate in the black community plummeted significantly.  The Great Society is a part of that reason, not completely, but definitely a part of that.  And what you’re seeing right now is a reformation of black families in America.  That’s a good thing not only for the black community and black families, but also a good thing for the country.”

Eric Swalwell (D-CA) was standing in the on-deck circle and took a swing at the same sinker Biden struck out on.  He doubled down with a post stating, “Sorry, Byron Donalds.  Even this right-leaning platform rejects your bat-shit crazy claim that black families were better off in the 1800s.”

I’m sure Donalds is thankful for the save from the white virtue-signaling adulterer.

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