“Joe Biden, Stop Taking a Shower with Children. Stop Smelling Little Girls’ Hair” – Bronx Trump Supporter Comes All Out for President Trump – MUST SEE VIDEO | The Gateway Pundit


A Trump supporter in the Bronx tells reporter he is all in for “Daddy Trump.”

An estimated 10,000 to 25,000 supporters turned out on Thursday to see President Donald Trump rally in the Bronx, New York.

This was an amazing event that was packed with lines several blocks long to get in to see “The People’s President” Donald Trump.

One man was all-in for Trump and even wore a Trump New York State license plate around his neck.

He told a reporter,

“I’m voting for Daddy, not Biden. Joe Biden, stop taking a shower with children. Stop smelling little girls hair. We know what you did with your daughter, Ashley Biden. Don’t do that. That’s wrong. You got to be a good man like Daddy is. Big Daddy Trump, President Big Daddy Trump. I’m the only one with this. Nobody has this. I had this since 2016, and I love him, and I will vote all out for Daddy. Thank you.

More… He loves Daddy Trump.

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