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This year’s edition of the Starmus festival brought together scientists and musicians with a focus on our fragile, wondrous world.

The seventh Starmus Festival took place May 12–17 in Bratislava, Slovakia, and was a smashing success all around. Starmus stands for stars and music, and this celebration has grown into the greatest science festival in the world. It is the creation of astronomer Garik Israelian, the director, and his friend Brian May, who is an astronomer and also the founding guitarist of the great rock band Queen.

This year’s theme was Starmus Earth — after all, as we say at Astronomy, “Earth is a planet too.” It’s the only one in the cosmos we know of that supports life, and so we need to take care of it for future generations thousands and millions of years into the future.

For more on Starmus in Bratislava, check out Dave’s report.

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