Tim Scott Gives A Delusional Answer To Libertarians Booing Trump


Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) said that Donald Trump’s popularity is growing when asked about the Libertarian convention booing the ex-president.

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Scott said when asked about Trump being booed:

I saw a wave of red hats at the Libertarian convention. Donald Trump’s popularity continues to increase, but then he’s not just going to the Libertarian uh convention. He’s also doing rallies in Bronx. He’s doing something I consider a 50 state strategy. He doesn’t just want to win the votes of the American people. He’s trying to win the hearts of the American people, unite our country and start steering us towards the strongest, the most powerful, prosperous future we could have. So I give him a lot of credit and going to places where Republicans have not gone before. If we’re going to win this election cycle, we must go where we’re not invited and to see the former president take that seriously is in my opinion, a strong sign and one of the reasons why Dana, we are seeing the poll numbers moving in his direction.


Trump was just booed, loudly and often by the Libertarians, so Tim Scott claims that the ex-president’s popularity is growing. Sen. Scott really wants to be Trump’s running mate and he is showing how low he will go to get the gig.

Booing does not signify popularity, and as far as Trump’s strategy is concerned, he is barely campaigning once a week. If he has a 50-state strategy, the former president should hit all 50 states by mid-2025.

Sen. Scott knows better, but if it takes sounding like a delusional fool to get himself one failing, morbidly obese lack of a heartbeat away from the presidency, the Sen. from South Carolina will do or say anything.

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