WAYNE ROOT: Here’s Why This New York Trump Trial is the Biggest Win-Win-Win in History for Trump, No Matter the Verdict. | The Gateway Pundit


By Wayne Allyn Root

You’ve heard of a “win-win” scenario, right? Well clueless Democrats don’t understand it yet, but this New York Trump trial is the first-ever “win-win-win” scenario.

Trump can only win, or win, or win even bigger.

Let me explain. Please keep in mind, I’ve studied Donald J. Trump since I was a freshman at Columbia University in 1979. I’ve considered him my mentor in business and politics for over 40 years. And I’ve been right about everything I’ve predicted regarding Trump for a decade now (since he came down that escalator in 2015).

I even wrote the book on Trump titled, “TRUMP RULES: The Greatest Winner and Warrior in History!” That book came out AFTER Trump lost the 2020 election. I predicted, way back then, that Donald J. Trump would become the greatest “comeback kid” in world history, rise from the ashes, and against all odds, become the 47Th President of the United States.

How’s my prediction looking right now?

Trump is leading Biden in every poll. And leading by a wide margin in virtually every battleground state. The latest poll shows Trump beating Biden among black voters. I predicted this “Trump Miracle.” And now we’re all seeing it.

Here is why this New York Trump trial is a “win-win-win” no matter what the verdict is.

First, on the remote chance if Trump is acquitted, or much more likely receives a “hung jury,” it’s going to be one of the biggest wins in history for Trump.

Trump will be branded as unbeatable and unstoppable.

Not even a fake crime, a frame job, with a rigged judge with “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” and a rigged jury filled with biased New York liberals, can beat Trump. He will be seen as super-human. So, there’s win number one. And it’s a big one. Historic. Legendary.

The Trump legend grows even bigger!

Second option, and much more likely, considering this is clearly a “communist show trial” that would make Stalin, or Mao, or Fidel Castro proud, set up from start-to-finish to find Trump guilty, no matter how absurd the charges, no matter how pathetic the case presented, no matter how embarrassing the witnesses.

So, let’s just assume the prearranged outcome becomes reality- sadly, tragically, Trump is found guilty. Trump is immediately put in handcuffs and led off to prison, if only for a few hours. Another infamous Trump mug shot is taken. Guess what…

This is an even bigger win.

Trump becomes an even bigger legend. Trump becomes an even bigger martyr. Trump’s base is shocked, angry, outraged- and motivated to vote like never before. They will come out to vote like warriors like cornered wolverines.

Independents will be pushed to Trump, as they now realize our country has become a combination of the Soviet gulag and 1930s Nazi Germany. Trump becomes a symbol of injustice in America.

If you agree Trump got sympathy for each indictment, and each time his approval went up in the polls, wait until you see what happens after an unjust guilty verdict.

After a guilty verdict, black and minority voters will come to Trump like never before. They see in Trump’s guilty verdict, themselves. The same injustice, the same persecution they’ve felt at the hands of an unjust, biased and rigged justice system. The same system that was out to get them, just got Trump.

Trump will receive the highest black and minority vote totals in history, no matter what happens at this trial. But if he’s found guilty, Trump may very well do the impossible…

Trump may win a MAJORITY of black and Latino votes.

And a guilty verdict does something even more important for America: it exposes the evil in our system and the evil-doers. After Trump wins the election, it gives Trump the “cover” and justification he needs to clean up our corrupt government; to go after the people who committed these crimes; who weaponized our government; to put them in prison. To make sure this never happens again.

What’s the third win for Trump? Well, that’s the biggest win of all.

God put President Trump in right place, at right time, for past two months. Trump was trapped in New York day after day. He had no choice, but to stay in the New York area. Which led him to embrace a strategy I’ve urged him to pursue for many years.

I’ve written commentary after commentary since Trump’s first presidential run urging him to hold rallies in deep blue cities, and to campaign in black and minority neighborhoods.

Because of this New York trial, Trump was out campaigning in blue neighborhoods. He was visiting a bodega in Harlem. He held rallies in deep blue New Jersey and 100% minority South Bronx. And the people showed up in record numbers…and they loved him!

Because Trump was trapped in NY, he was forced to do what I believed all along would make him the most beloved politician in history.

And now that Trump sees it works, I believe this will inspire him to visit black or minority neighborhoods across the USA, and hold rallies in deep blue cities. Ask for their votes. Ask them, “What have you got to lose? Democrats have done nothing for you.”

If they loved Trump in the South Bronx, why not hold rallies in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta, Cleveland, Milwaukee and Philly?

God placed Trump in the right place, at the right time. God has chosen Trump to save America, to expose the corruption, to stop weaponization, to stop the rigged elections, to stop the censorship, to stop the open border, to make America great again.

Trump is “the chosen one.”

And this New York Trump Trial is the biggest win-win-win in history, no matter the verdict.

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