Windows adds suggested replies to Phone Link for Android


As May draws to a close, Microsoft is squeezing another Windows 11 Canary build across the line that comes with a fresh new connected Android phone feature: Suggested Replies. Now when someone texts to ask how you’re doing, you can just click one of several replies like “Not bad, you?” or “Fine, you?” so you don’t have to reach for your phone or your computer keyboard as you click through the web.

The feature is part of Phone Link, which lets you connect your mobile phone to Windows so you can send and receive texts, browse recent photos, and take phone calls on your PC. Suggested Replies works by using Microsoft’s cloud-based intelligent suggestion model to figure out three replies relevant to the context of the conversation. Windows Insiders who install Canary Preview Build 26227 and receive Phone Link version 1.24051.98 (or newer) in a rollout will find the feature enabled by default.

Suggested Replies uses AI to generate message options.
Image: Microsoft

This Canary build also comes with a notable change for accessing Copilot on your PC. Microsoft is retiring the Windows Key + C keyboard in anticipation of upcoming Copilot Plus PCs that have the new Copilot key. For existing PCs, now the shortcut is Windows Key + the number corresponding to the Copilot app’s taskbar position.

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